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Seamless Communication With A Case Study on Customizing Cardboard Display Stand Solutions with Holidaypac


we present a real-life scenario where a potential customer, Samantha, discovers a product of interest on Holidaypac's official website. Through email correspondence with Holidaypac's representative, Evelyn Wang, Samantha effectively conveys her requirements and receives personalized assistance in selecting and ordering a sample of a cardboard display stand with peg hooks.


cardboard display stand with peg hooks

Expressing Interest: Samantha initiates the conversation by expressing her interest in ordering a sample of the display stand with peg hooks. She specifies the desired peggable area dimensions and inquires about the installation of the peg hooks.


Expressing Interest


Clarifying Product Details: Evelyn promptly responds, acknowledging Samantha's request and confirming the feasibility of customized display stand dimensions. She further explains that the peg hooks are attachable and can be installed as per the customer's preferences.Evelyn also inquires about the package size of the products to be hung on the display stand.


Clarifying Product Details


Further Inquiry and Sample Pricing: Samantha, after reviewing the attached image, confirms her intention to proceed with the sample order and seeks clarification on the per-piece price for a larger quantity. She emphasizes the need for flexibility in placing the pegs according to their requirements.


Further Inquiry and Sample Pricing

Invoice and Additional Information: Evelyn responds with a sample invoice and requests specific details such as size, lamination preference, printing artwork, and packaging requirements to estimate the cost for 100 pieces of the display stand with peg hooks.


Further Inquiry and Sample Pricing


Size, Lamination, Printing, and Packaging Specifications: Samantha provides the requested information, leaving the determination of other sizes to Evelyn's suggestion and stating a preference for glossy lamination. She confirms that no custom graphics are needed at this stage and expresses a preference for flat shipping.


Size, Lamination, Printing, and Packaging Specifications

custom graphics

Quotation and Sample Payment: Evelyn shares the quotation sheet for the desired quantity of the product and informs Samantha about the sampling time, requesting confirmation of payment arrangement once the sample payment is made. 


Quotation and Sample Payment


Confirmation and Moving Forward: Samantha expresses satisfaction with the quotation and confirms readiness to proceed with the sample payment, indicating an eagerness to move forward with the transaction.


Confirmation and Moving Forward

Model Confirmation: Evelyn shares a sketch of the peg hook display sample, seeking confirmation if the design meets Samantha's requirements.


Model Confirmation

Model Confirmation

Approval: Samantha responds with her approval, confirming that the sketch aligns with her expectations.




Sample Delivery and Further Inquiries: Evelyn informs Samantha that the sample is ready, providing pictures of the front, back, and peg hooks for final validation. She inquires about possible customization for bulk orders and requests shipping details.

Sample Delivery and Further Inquiries

Conclusion: Samantha expresses satisfaction with the sample's appearance, appreciating the positive interaction throughout the process.



the sample's appearance

In summary, we showcase effective communication between a customer and a company representative, leading to a successful collaboration for a customized display solution. The case study highlights the importance of prompt responses, clear communication, and personalized assistance in meeting customer needs.

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