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  • Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution
  • Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution
  • Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution
  • Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution
  • Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution
  • Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution

Custom Logo Stand PP Extrusion Display Stand And Product Packaging Total Solution

  • Product Name :

    Custom Logo Cardboard Display Stand for Gift and Food, Display Stand Shelf
  • Customized :

    Custom Color Accepted, Qty, Size
  • Size :

    Available in all custom sizes
  • Material :

    140gsm CCNB+170 corrugated+140 liner paper
  • Service :

    Display structure, artwork design service
  • Lead Time :

    24 hours for template, 3 days for sample, 10 days for bulk
  • Factory Area :

  • Sample :

    We can custom a sample to match your products

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Ntroducing Holidaypac's Innovation: The New PP Extrusion Display

Material for Enhanced Display Solutions

Holidaypac is proud to present our cutting-edge product: the 2023 New Material PP Extrusion Display Stand. As a leader in the display industry, we have developed this revolutionary material to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Our PP extusion material showcases exceptional qualities that set it apart from conventional materials. Combining the lightness of paper with the strength of metal,

it not only offers durability but also ensures easy handling and transportation. 


One of the standout features of our PP extrusion material is its versatility. Its unique properties allow for the creation of intricate structures and shapes

that were previously unachievable with traditional display stands. Our design and engineering teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that the molded

structures maintain the same level of functionality and suitability as those of standard displays currently available in the market.


With the Holidaypac 2023 New Material PP Extrusion Display Stand, you can expect nothing but excellence in both form and function.

Join us in embracing this innovation and elevating your display solutions to new heights. Contact us today to experience the future of the display industry.

Bread Display Shelving

【1】Small batch customization: 20 sets, 50 sets, 100 sets, 200 sets,Customized 500 sets (less than 100 sets shipped within 5 days)
【2】Assembly duration: 5 minutes, a girl can complete the assembly without tools
【3】Structure: stable and firm, smooth and clear edges, exquisite and , no burrs
【4】Load bearing: 10kg for each floor (can be supported for a long time) (drink bottles,wine bottles, etc.)
【5】Service life: more than 2 years

【6】Replaceable materials: replaceable materials at the printing place, KT board, wood board, chevron board, etc. (the thickness shall not exceed 5cm)
【7】Replacement of artwork: The artwork can be replaced when the booth is reused
【8】Printing: high-precision printing, strong visual impact CMYK printing, PMS printing

【9】New materials  Advantages:   Stable structure of metal iron material, strong bearing capacity, waterproof, durable,

and light weight of cardboard, easy to move and lower freight

pp extrusion display stand

Introducing Holidaypac's LatestBreakthrough: The Water-Resistant

PP Extrusion Display Material for Unmatched Durability

Holidaypac is excited to unveil our latest innovation: the water-resistant PP extrusion display material. Specially designed to meet the

demands of both indoor and outdoor usage, this advanced material offers a level of performance that rivals that of traditional metal displays.

With its exceptional water resistance properties, our PP extrusion material ensures that your display stand remains unaffected by rain,

moisture, or humidity. This makes it a perfect choice for any environment, whether it be an indoor showroom or an outdoor promotional event.

Not only does our PP extrusion material provide superior protection against water, but it also maintains the same level of strength

and durability as metal displays. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your display stand can withstand

the rigors of everyday use without compromising its functionality or visual appeal.

At Holidaypac, we believe in delivering products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. By harnessing the power of

the water-resistant PP extrusion display material, we have created a solution that combines reliability, versatility, and aesthetics like never before.

Elevate the performance and longevity of your displays with the Holidaypac water-resistant PP extrusion material. Contact us today to

revolutionize your display solutions and take them to the next level, come rain or shine.

pp extrusion display stand


Detailed Functions and Design

The side panel of this product is designed with a fixed printing pattern. Additionally, the side panel, shelf strip,

button panel, and header panel can all be customized with your logo. The material used for these panels

can be PVC sheet or cardboard sheet, with a thickness of approximately 5mm.

Plastic display stand


1.The header tube is customized size, it can be fixed to the stand tube easily with the conjuctions

2.The corner conjunction is also molded shape with our patent which makes the display elegant

3.The back shelf conjuction is with snow flow shape, it makes the display fix properly and plesent looking

4.The angle is round shaped mold which the display looking nicer

5.The shelves are holed by the metal screw which make the shelf weight support enough!

6.Shelf can be attachd with the Price holder



A complete set of solutions, from the packaging and printing of products,

to the scheme production and printing of display racks,

to the assembly of products and display racks, and to shipment.


food display ideas

Ready Size 

1.The header size can be adjust

2.The shelves high can be adjusted with your size

128 x 53 x 17cm   2pc/CTN 13kgs/CTN

Bread exhibition rack



7,Q: What Another Service Holidaypac Privide?   A:  Warehouse and Packing Service at our Factory                                                       


Holidaypac can help client packing the products onto the display and then loading and shipping. Client can ask your different product factory to 

send the products to our factory, then we will assemble cardboard display and put onto display. Holidaypac also can help to warehouse your products 

to save your labor cost and warehouse cost, it will be more valueable!



What Brands Holidaypac Cooperated With all over the world?


Holidaypac produce many displays go into Coles, Costco, Woolworths, Sam's club, Walmart, and the brands as Energizer, carbury

Mentholatum, Nescafe, Sensodyne, Disney Etc. 




How Holidaypac Manage the Company and Service the Clients? 


All our people are working for many years in Holidaypac, they are keen manage person in HolidayPac company with different postion,

Any question for packing and display solution, our experts will reply you and give you suggestions base on our skills and experienced systerm! 




8, What Are HolidayPAC Company Profiles? 

Holidaypac can help your products stand out in retail stores with durable and beautifully designed cardboard display boxes and stands. 
 We have a wide range of styles available for you to choose from. Effortlessly bring your custom cardboard display and packaging boxes to life
 Easily create your personalized high-quality custom-printed boxes and paper displays with everything you need, Everything  we do is to turn your
 ideal packaging and custom display into reality, Highlight your products in the best possible light with a custom cardboard display built with corrugated or 
 paperboard materials. we offer professional customized displays to fit and arrange your products in an attractive, marketable fashion to help your products sell.




9, What Are the Frequent Asking Questions(FAQs) For Booking the Cardboard Displays and Packages, Air Fryer Liners?
1. Q: Are You a Factory?
A: Yes, we are a food grade printing factory located in both Shenzhen and Xiamen. First we are a cardboard display and paper box factory.

From 2021, we reorganized our factory in Food grade box workshop for air fryer liners,parchment paper liners,pastry box etc.
2. Q: What is Your Main Products?
A: Our main products are cardboard displays,packaging boxes, food boxes, air fryer liner, parchment paper liners, disposable pastry boxes
3. Q: Could You Please Help to Design The Structure ?
A: Yes, we can help the customer to design the box shape, box structure and box function.
4. Q: Do you design the printing artworks?
A: Normally we will send the client the paper box structure die line and customer design the printing artworks.
5. Q: What is the main material for the cosmetic box?
A: Usally we will use 100% natural material for all the box, SBS(Solid bleached sulfate), (solid unbleached sulfate, CCNB: Clay Coated News-back),
CCKB(clay coated Kraft-backed), flute corrugated etc.
6. Q: What is The Main Surface Treatment?
A: Normally the cosmetic box will be surface treated as glossy lamination, matte lamination, UV, spot UV,
Varnish, embassy.
7. Q: What is Your Order Process?
A: Our profession package team will communicate with client about the requirements as size, material, printing,surface treatment, and function, Then our box designer will design the structure for client to put the artworks
8.Q: What is The Sample Lead Time&Bulk Lead Time?

A: 3 days for sample and 10-15days for the bulk production
9. Q: Is There Any Sample Charge?
A: Normally we will need to charge the sample cost for cardboard display design and sampling, air fryer liner is free and also the box
10.Q: What is The Payment Term?
A: 30% deposit and balance 70% payable before shipment.


Holidaypac is the pioerneer for the eco-friend packaging and cardboard displays,

Pls contact us by email [email protected] or by phone +86 181 2467 0856 anywhere any time,

Our professional team will answer you 24 hours 7days. 

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