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Five-Tier Display Stand Delivery Case Study


1.Project Initiation:
At the February UK exhibition, I met the customer Malka. Malka has been purchasing skincare products from suppliers in Xiamen for a long time. Previously, she used to purchase flat-packed paper display stands separately. This time, the customer wants assembled delivery so that the products can be taken directly to supermarkets. By simply opening the outer box, the products can be used directly in the supermarkets, saving labor costs.

2.Design & Sample Making:
Based on the skincare products purchased by the customer this time, we designed the display stand, confirmed the dimensions, and arranged for a sample to be sent to the customer.

Five-Tier Display Stand

3.Bulk Order Arrangement:
After sample confirmation, we prepared for bulk production: we informed the customer's supplier to send one of each of the bulk products purchased by the customer to our company for testing. At the same time, we created a bulk sample with printing for testing. Upon receiving the samples from the supplier, we began testing on the shelves. Based on the customer's requirements for each layer of product placement, we arranged the products layer by layer and filled in the quantities that could be placed on each layer and the remaining quantities that could not be placed. We asked the customer how to handle this. The customer replied that the height of the display stand could be changed, but the width could not. Based on the customer's response, we conducted another test because the products are irregular. If the height is changed, there will be several different sizes of bulk products, which is inconvenient for production. The customer placed an order for 600 units, but only 560 units are needed for assembled delivery. We suggested to the customer whether the 40 excess products that cannot fit on the display stands could be placed on an additional 40 stands. The customer disagreed and said that the products could be stacked. Finally, according to the customer's final requirements for what products can be placed on each layer and where the products that cannot fit will be placed, we rearranged and sent it to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation, bulk production began.

After confirming the product placement, we confirmed the outer box size based on the dimensions of the display stand and the height of the top product on each layer.

Customized Five-Tier Display Stand

4.Assembly and Delivery Preparation:
Because there will be gaps after product placement, filling boxes need to be used. Due to time constraints, we suggested that the customer use inflatable bags for filling. This way, bulk production can be completed on time.Finally,the customer confirmed OK.

gap filling

factory direct produce Five-Tier Display Stand


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