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  • Promotional Portable Pos Cardboard Floor Display Stand Retail Product Pop Cardboard Display Stand
  • Promotional Portable Pos Cardboard Floor Display Stand Retail Product Pop Cardboard Display Stand
  • Promotional Portable Pos Cardboard Floor Display Stand Retail Product Pop Cardboard Display Stand
  • Promotional Portable Pos Cardboard Floor Display Stand Retail Product Pop Cardboard Display Stand
  • Promotional Portable Pos Cardboard Floor Display Stand Retail Product Pop Cardboard Display Stand

Promotional Portable Pos Cardboard Floor Display Stand Retail Product Pop Cardboard Display Stand

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    Custom Color Accepted
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    Available in all Custom Sizes
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    CCNB+Corrugated B Flute
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    Get a Quote Within 3 Hours
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    Within 48 hours for sample, 10 days for bulk
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    We can custom a sample to match your products

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Name cardboard display , FSDU,  PROPOS display stand
Material B flute, BE flute, BC flute, the cardboard display material will be chosen from the weight of the products need to carried each cardboard display
Accessories Metal support bar, plastic clips, corner protection products, price holder, at cardboard display shelf
Size Confirm The clients supply us the packing photo, size and qty for each shelf of the products want to display, and holidaypac designer will design a structure and size cardboard display draft for approval.
Style Confirm

The cleints will give us the idea how they want to display there products, and where to put, and we will convert the idea concept to reality of the display stand.

Sample Process Once the size and style confirm, our designer will design the structure send to client for preparing the artworks, once the artwork finished, clients will send us back for sample. Holidaypac will test the structure and weight support.
Bulk Process Once the sample approval, client will send us the Purchase Order to Holidaypac, and Holidaypac will issue the Proforma Invoice for file. Holidaypac begin to produce the bulk after received 30% deposit, and shipping before 70% paid
Holidaypac Service

Design structure, Produce, cardboard display assemble service , Put the products onto the cardboard display, warehouse, clients can summarize the products from different factory to our company, it will save the cost of the loading fee.

Company Advantages

13 years production experience, 24 hours 7days service time, 12 years export experience, processional and skillful person save the communication time with economic design structure of the cardboard display.



Holidaypac Custom Cardboard Display 

The display can be customized with logo and size, pls just send us your requirments of the display style reference, and the product size  and weight, we can help 

to design the stucture. If you need us design the artwork, we need to charge the design fee about USD80-120. 


Below is white boday plus the printing custom logo header, in this way can save the printing set up charge and the price will be affordable for pormotion 

Second photo is with full side printing, in this way it will be more eyes-catching and custom promotional in the supermarket end and retail store end.


All the custom cardboard floor display, even there is no printing, there will be laminated with glossy or mat, it is water proof. At the same time, we will add metal bar or plastic connetion to 

strenther the support weight in each shelf, you will not worry about the supporting, you just tell us the weight you want to carry in each cardboard floor display stand, then 

Our designer will design  the structure template for you!



The custom cardboard display itself is light, easy to built with 3-5 mins, at the same time it is eco-friendly material and before more and more popular all the world due to the 

low carbon policy. please contact by whatisapp+86 18124670856 or email [email protected] for more cardbord display information




Cardboard display in details with full side, the insert can be changeable according the size and products of the clients​ Cardboard Display

Material to be Chosen


Cardboard Display Material to be Chosen


Double Wall Triple Wall Single Face Single Wall

Three sheets of linerboard with two

corrugated filberboards in between.

Four sheets of linerboard with three
corrugated flberboards in between.

one corrugated lberboard is gluedto

one flat sheet of the linerboard.

The corrugated liberboard is glued

between two sheets of linerboard.

A-Flute  B-Flute C-Flute  E-Flute

Greatest protection with

excellent stacking strength.

Surface allows for high-quality

printing and die-cutting.

Average crush resistance,

stacking strength and printing.

Relatively flat surface allows

forhigh-quality printing applications.



What Material Can You Choose for Your Packing and Paper Displays?

Gold and Silver Foil Paper Kraft Color Paper Card White Ivory Card Corrugate Paper Board
Press Hard Board Black Card Ready Stock Special Textured Paper Board Colored Shining Paper in Stock

What is the Surface Treatment After Printing On the Paper Board for Pakaging Boxes and Food Boxes?

Concave and Convex Flocking Silver or Gold Spot UV Logo Glossy or Mat Lamination


What is The Thickness Of Corrugated Cardboard For Cardboard Displays?                     

Customized the display stand and cardboard display. Workman ship and advantages

Advantages of cardboard display:  Eyes-catching with printing artwork, Easy to move,

eco-friendly, reusable, light weight, Big support weight, Highly organized shelf, price affordable

Printing: CMYK high quality

Surface treatment: Glossy lamination, Mat lamination, Varnish, UV, spot UV,



Cardboard Display Order Proceed
Concept- Design- Sample-Production-Packing-Shipping 


Design With Clients
Quotation Base
On the Design
Sample Aprpvoal
Once Price confirm
Production Once
The Sample Approval 
Warehouse and


Design From Concept to Reality for Cardboard Displays

Design Cardboard Display Stylish With Size Design The Structure Artwork Imput To the Template Dieline Sample Cutting Machine
Design cardboard display overal sketch with size and stylish Design The Cardboard Display Dieline Template Imput The Artwork into The Dieline Template Holidaypac cardboard display sample cutting room
Design and Prototyping: The process begins with the design of the cardboard display or packaging. This includes determining its size, shape stylish.

Plan the Structure: Determine the size, shape, and overall structure of the display. Consider factors such as the available retail space, product dimensions, and weight-bearing capacity. The structure should be sturdy, visually appealing, and capable of accommodating the products you intend to display.

Graphic Design: Create visually appealing graphics and artwork that communicate your message effectively. Use eye-catching colors, typography, and imagery that align with your brand identity and product. Ensure that the graphics are clear, legible, and visible from a distance. Prototyping and Testing: Create a prototype of the cardboard display to evaluate its design, functionality, and visual impact. Test the prototype in a retail environment or simulate customer interactions to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement


Bulk Production From Printing to Packing for Cardboard Displays

 Offset Printing  Mounting and Auto Diecut Glueing  Packing and Shipping
Holidaypac cardboard display and packaging printing room holidaypac surface treatment workshop for paper packaging and cardboard display holidaypac team glueing the cardobard displays at workshop Holidaypac cardboard display and paper packaging glue and packing workshop
Printing: The chosen design is then printed onto flat sheets of cardboard using specialized printing techniques such as offset or digital printing. High-quality graphics, branding elements, product information, and other visuals are added during this stage Cutting and Creasing: Once the printing is complete, the cardboard sheets are cut into the desired shapes and sizes. Die-cutting machines are commonly used for precise cutting, while creasing is done to create fold lines for easy assembly  Folding and Gluing: The cut pieces are folded along the crease lines to form the desired structure of the display or packaging. Adhesive, typically a specialized glue, is applied to specific areas for bonding the folded sections together Packaging and Shipping: Once the cardboard displays or packaging units are inspected and approved, they are packed in suitable containers for transportation to their intended destinations.



We prioritize open communication and collaboration, valuing your input every step of the way. Our goal is to forge long-lasting partnerships

built on trust, reliability, and exceptional service.Discover the HolidayPac difference and unlock the potential of your brand. Contact us today to

discuss your unique requirements and let us bring your ideas to life. Together, we can make a lasting impression in the market with remarkable

cardboard displays and packaging boxes.


Remember the Below Tips When Choose a Cardboard Display and Packaging Factory


1, Material Selection: The type and quality of the cardboard are chosen based on the specific requirements of the display or packaging. Different grades of cardboard offer varying levels of strength and durability.

2,Quality Control: Throughout the production process, quality checks are conducted to ensure the display or packaging meets the required standards. This includes inspecting the printing, structural integrity, and overall appearance

3,  Product Placement and Accessibility: Consider how the products will be arranged and displayed within the cardboard structure. Ensure that the display allows for easy product access and visibility, allowing customers to interact with the products effortlessly.

4, Branding and Messaging: Incorporate your brand elements, such as logos, slogans, and brand colors, into the design. Communicate key messages about the product's benefits, promotions, or any other relevant information that can attract customers


Project Manage Procceed of the cardboard display



Hot-Sale Products

Holidaypac Manage Team,

All our people are working for many years in Holidaypac, they are keen manage person in HolidayPac company with different postion,

Any question for packing and display solution, our experts will reply you and give you suggestions base on our skills and experienced systerm! 

HolidayPAC Company Profile 


More Choice

floor displays

counter displays

pallet displays

hookt displays

tear off displays box



Frequent Asking Questions(FAQs)?
1. Q: Are You a Factory?
A: Yes, we are a food grade printing factory located in both Shenzhen and Xiamen. First we are a cardboard display and paper box factory.

From 2021, we reorganized our factory in Food grade box workshop for air fryer liners,parchment paper liners,pastry box etc.
2. Q: What is Your Main Products?
A: Our main products are cardboard displays,packaging boxes, food boxes, air fryer liner, parchment paper liners, disposable pastry boxes
3. Q: Could You Please Help to Design The Structure ?
A: Yes, we can help the customer to design the box shape, box structure and box function.
4. Q: Do you design the printing artworks?
A: Normally we will send the client the paper box structure die line and customer design the printing artworks.
5. Q: What is the main material for the cosmetic box?
A: Usally we will use 100% natural material for all the box, SBS(Solid bleached sulfate), (solid unbleached sulfate, CCNB: Clay Coated News-back),
CCKB(clay coated Kraft-backed), flute corrugated etc.
6. Q: What is The Main Surface Treatment?
A: Normally the cosmetic box will be surface treated as glossy lamination, matte lamination, UV, spot UV,
Varnish, embassy.
7. Q: What is Your Order Process?
A: Our profession package team will communicate with client about the requirements as size, material, printing,surface treatment, and function, Then our box designer will design the structure for client to put the artworks
8.Q: What is The Sample Lead Time&Bulk Lead Time?

A: 3 days for sample and 10-15days for the bulk production
9. Q: Is There Any Sample Charge?
A: Normally we will need to charge the sample cost for cardboard display design and sampling, air fryer liner is free and also the box
10.Q: What is The Payment Term?
A: 30% deposit and balance 70% payable before shipment.



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