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  • Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs
  • Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs
  • Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs
  • Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs
  • Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs
  • Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs

Shelf Ready Tray Display Box For Retail SRTs

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Shelf Ready Tray Display Packaging Box For WalMart Retail SRTs

Imagine you're strolling through the aisles of your favorite retail store, your eyes scanning the shelves. What usually grabs your attention? More often than not, it's the neatly organized, vibrant displays that make shopping not just easy, but a little bit more fun. Central to these displays is something you might not have given much thought to before: the Shelf Ready Tray Display Box (SRT). These are not just cardboard boxes; they are a revolutionary approach to retail presentation and efficiency. Today, let's dive into why these SRTs are such a game changer in the retail world.


What's an SRT?

A Shelf Ready Tray Display Box is precisely what it sounds like—it's ready for the shelf. No fuss needed. These trays come packed with products and are designed to be placed directly onto the shelves once they arrive at the store. This means less unpacking for the store workers and more time saved. But that's just the beginning of their benefits.

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The Design That Catches Your Eye

When you see products presented in an SRT, you're looking at a box designed to be consumer-friendly. Open front designs allow you to view and access the products easily, without needing to move things around. This design isn't just practical; it's also visually appealing, using colors and graphics that pop, making sure the products don't just sit there—they practically call out to you.


Sturdy Yet Sustainable

One of the great things about these trays is how tough they are. Made to handle the hustle and bustle of busy store environments, they protect the products inside from damage. And here's the kicker: they're environmentally friendly. Made from materials like recycled cardboard, these boxes help reduce the environmental footprint of packaging. Once they've served their purpose, they can be recycled again, keeping the cycle going.


Tailored for Every Product

Whether it's a batch of new novels, the latest skincare products, or your favorite snacks, SRTs are made to fit. They can be customized in size and design to suit the products they hold, ensuring that everything from a bottle of shampoo to a bar of chocolate is displayed in the best possible way. This customization goes beyond size and shape; it includes the strategic use of branding elements and informative cues that can guide your decision-making process.


Cost-Effective and Convenient

For retailers, the beauty of SRTs lies in their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. These boxes reduce the need for additional packing materials and decrease the labor costs associated with stocking shelves. Lower operational costs for retailers can often lead to better prices for you, the shopper. Plus, their ease of use means products get to the floor faster, keeping shelves stocked and ready for you.


Engaging and Informative

Ever pause to read a fun fact on a product package? That's another role SRTs can play. They're not just about holding products; they're also a platform for communication. From recipes on a pasta box to quick application tips on a makeup tray, these boxes can carry all sorts of useful information, making your shopping trip not just about buying, but learning and discovering.


Picture This

Imagine walking up to a display of SRTs filled with organic herbal teas. Each tray is neatly sectioned, each type of tea in its own designated spot, labels facing forward. The colors of the trays are calming, echoing the soothing effects of the tea. You reach out, already knowing what you'll find thanks to the clear, easy-to-read information right there on the box. It's shopping made simple, efficient, and enjoyable.

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Why Does It Matter?

You might be wondering why all this talk about a box matters. In the fast-paced world of retail, first impressions are everything. How products are displayed can significantly influence your shopping experience. Effective solutions like the Shelf Ready Tray Display Boxes not only streamline shopping but also enhance it, ensuring products are not just seen but experienced.

The next time you're in a store, take a moment to notice these trays. They're more than just boxes; they're a testament to how thoughtful design and practical functionality can merge to improve your daily shopping excursions. In the end, it's about making your experience better, one purchase at a time, with a little help from some smart cardboard engineering.

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Brand Name

Customized Logo
Size 220*180*120mm or Customized Size
Material 250g CCNB +W9 2mm corrugated cardboard
Printing 4C Offset Printing or 5C with KBA 164 or PMS Printing
Surface Treatment Glossy/Matt Lamination, UV Coating, Varnishing Coating
Packing Flat Packed or Pre-assembled Packed or as your requirement
MOQ 500pcs
Lead Time 1-2 days for sample, 7-12 days for mass production
Usage Supermarkets, chain store, shops, advertising for displaying goods and promoting sales


Commonly used materials are paper

Quality assurance from raw materials to products 

Grey Cardboard

Art (printing) Paper(single side

Corrugated Paper

Kraft Paper

White Kraft Paper

The Gold Card Paper

Art (printing) Paper(two-sided)

Silver Cardboard

Specialty Paper



display paper box


HolidayPac Service Team to Answer Your Questions

for Develop Cardboard Display with 7*24 hours, Pls Contact With Us any Time, any Where and Any Question!


Factory Information:



Due to the virus in 2020, we know that the food packagingin eco-friendly material is most import to protect the earth.

We established sub factory in upgrade food grade workshop to meet the rapidly growing food packaging market and

take away food packaging demand.

Holiday company was started in 2010 as a family own business. The owner of Holidaypac Tiger Wang is a pioneer in cardboard

pop industry, Holidaypac are the first factory located in Xiamen to help our customer design and produce cardboard displays,

PDQ,counters display! It is a new industry to the market at that time. Due to the material is in eco-friendly the cardboard pop

industry become more and more popular in the world. Gradually most people who with eco thought choose cardboard display

to replace metal items. And holidaypc become a leading position in cardboard display industry.

Holidaypac Value: Keeping on Learning, Changing and Growing. Learning from our clients, Changing to meet the market trend,

Growing company insight.
Holidapac Goal: Pack your products, Display your value


Well Organized Workshop For Display Paper Box

Food-grade workshop


Food-Grade-CertificatesDisplay Paper Box

Food grade certification


Our Partners Who Develop Together With Us For Display Paper Box



Packing & Delivery Once Finished Display Paper Box

Packing & Delivery


1. Are you a factory?
Yes, we are a food grade printing factory located in both Shenzhen and Xiamen. First we are a cardboard

displayand paper box factory. From 2021, we reorganized our factory in Food grade box workshop!

2. What is your main products?
Our main products are cardboard displaysfood boxes.

3.Why cardboard display and food box?
Since 2010 the business start, Holidaypac mainly design and produce cardboard display as a pioneer in

cardboard pop display industry in China. Due to the virus in 2020, we know that thefood packaging in

eco-friendly material is most import to protect the earth. We established sub factory in upgrade food

grade workshop to meet the rapidly growing food packaging market and take away food packaging


4. Are you a wholesaler?
We have our own warehouse in UK, AU, and USA, We can be wholesaler in these three countries.
For other countries,we have our ready stock to ship immediately in China?


5. Can you do customized printing food box?
We are a factory located in China with 12 years factory management. We have our own packaging

design team so we can customized both cardboard display and food box. Please just send us your

idea and we can convert your thought into reality!



6. What is the most important for a food packaging factory?
The most important is safety, every production process should be in food grade in Sterilization workshop.

food boxes are designed to keep the food items fresh and hot when these food items reach to your customers



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