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Showcasing Innovation Holidaypac's Success at the AGHA Trade Show in Sydney Olympic Park


    At Holidaypac, a leading packaging and display company, we recently had the opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions at the AGHA trade show held in Sydney Olympic Park. Today,we will introduce the meticulous preparation process for our booth setup, the presentation of our products, and the engaging interactions with clients that led to inquiries and product orders.

AGHA Cardboard Displays

Preparing the Booth Setup
    Our first step was to thoroughly understand the requirements and regulations set forth by the organizers, including booth size, location, setup, and dismantling schedules. This ensured that our presentation not only complied with the guidelines but also stood out among the exhibitors.
    Designing the booth was pivotal. Our goal was to create an engaging space that effectively showcased our display shelves, packaging boxes, food boxes, and more. We focused on a layout that highlighted the uniqueness and quality of our products, making them easily accessible and visible to attendees.
    We developed a detailed plan and budget covering all aspects of the booth setup, including materials, decoration, lighting, and transportation. This strategic planning was crucial in ensuring a smooth setup process while managing costs effectively.
    To showcase our range of products, we prepared an array of display materials, including display shelves, packaging boxes, food boxes, soap boxes, medicine boxes, and more. Each product was chosen to demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation in packaging solutions.

AGHA Cardboard Stands

Product Presentation and Customer Interaction

    Our booth featured a wide range of products, including display shelves, food boxes, parchment paper, and other accessories for promotion and advertisement. We highlighted our grazing boxes, which garnered particular interest from attendees. The design and quality of these products attracted a significant number of clients, leading to immediate long-term orders on the spot.

Communicate with exhibition guests

    Holidaypac, a provider of eco-friendly packaging and display solutions. Our mission is to offer high-quality packaging options through innovative designs and sustainable materials. If our products have caught your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to collaborating and advancing sustainable packaging solutions together.

    Contact us at +6145044933 or tiger@holidaypac.com.

    Participating in the AGHA trade show was a valuable experience for Holidaypac, allowing us to showcase our products and services while deepening connections with current and potential clients. We believe that through continuous innovation and a commitment to quality, we can maintain our growth and success in the packaging industry.

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