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【1】Holdaypac Is Your Reliable One-Stop Floor Display(FSDUs) Solution Facotory


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fsdu of factory

fsdu of factory

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Holidaypac is your go-to partner for creating durable and beautifully designed custom floor display(FSDU) and stands. We specialize in a wide range of styles and customizations to help your products stand out in retail stores. Our mission is to bring your custom floor display visions to life with high-quality, branded designs.

At Holidaypac, we make

it easy to create personalized, high-quality custom floor displays(Fsdu). Our objective is to turn your ideal custom displays into reality, using carefully selected materials like corrugated and metal board. Highlight your products in the best possible light with our expert craftsmanship and quality service.

Holidaypac is renowned for its quality and exceptional floor display (fsdu) structurs, trusted by major brands like energizer, Mr beast. Our professional team & advanced machinery ensure functional fsdu and reliable after-sales support. Choose us for innovative display solutions that make a positive impact on the environment.


【2】Main Products Of Holidaypac Except FSDU


Cardboard Display StandCounter Displays

Dump BinsHook Displays

Metal DisplaysPallet Displays

【3】Design From Concept to Reality for Floor Displays


3D Design Draft 

Structure Template 

Artwork Prepare 

Sample Testing 

Design cardboard display overal sketch with size and stylish

Design The Cardboard Display Dieline Template

The project begins with the design idea of the  , fix about the size, shape stylish, meterial, and applications, promotion targets. Communication is the key factor, and should get the client point exactly then 3D mock up design convert

After approval the 3D design then overall design structure template. Consider most factor is weight-bearing capacity. The structure should be sturdy, visually appealing, and capable of accommodating the products you intend to display.

Graphic Design

Create visually appealing graphics and artwork that communicate your message effectively. Use eye-catching colors, imagery that align with your brand identity Ensure that the graphics are  visible from a distance.

Prototyping and Testing Create a prototype of the cardboard display to evaluate its design, functionality, and visual impact. Test the prototype or simulate customer interactions to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement


【4】Assemble Instruction of Floor Display & FSDU (Metal and Cardboard) 


Assemble instruction of metl floor DisplayAssemble Instruction of Cardboard Floor Display


【5】Bulk Production From Printing to Packing for Floor Displays


Offset Printing 

Mounting and Auto Diecut


Packing and Shipping

Holidaypac cardboard display and packaging printing room

holidaypac surface treatment workshop for paper packaging and cardboard display

holidaypac team glueing the cardobard displays at workshop

Holidaypac cardboard display and paper packaging glue and packing workshop


The chosen design is then printed onto flat sheets of cardboard floor displays(Fsdu) using specialized printing techniques such as offset or UV printing. High-quality graphics, branding elements, and other visuals are added during this stage

Cutting and Creasing:

Once the printing is complete, the cardboard sheets are cut into the desired shapes and sizes. Auto or Semi Auto Die-cutting machines are used for precise cutting, while creasing is done to create floor displays(Fsdu) fold lines for easy assembly

Folding and Gluing:

The cut pieces are folded or glue along the crease lines or cutting lines to form the structure of the floor displays(Fsdu) . Adhesive, typically a specialized glue is applied to specific areas for bonding the folded sections together to make shaped FSDU

Packaging and Shipping: Once the floor displays(Fsdu)  finished glue then inspected and approved pack sevral sets into master carton. Normally the master carton weight not over 20kgs to make sure the transportation is safe to their intended destinations.



【6】The Main Functions of Custom Floor Displays and Tips to Choose Different Custom FSDUs


The Main Functions of the Floor Displays (FSDU)
The BASIC floor display defines the most classical and functional way to promote and exhibit any kind of product: available from 2 to 7 shelves,

1) This display can be completely customized with clients to obtain the maximum visibility at the stores.Made with cardboard, ecological and completely recyclable material,

2)  This display has a long lasting structure and it can be used indoors and outdoors.Custom floor displays come in all shapes and sizes.

3)  This range allows you to place your products in various locations around retail stores, maximizing the potential for successful sales.

Tips to Choose Correct Floor Displays( FSDUs)  For Different Merchandises

1)  Case stacker floor displays: Often used to display drinks and wine, case stackers are an attention-grabbing yet straightforward way to promote any beverages from soft drinks to beer and wine.

2)  Pallet floor displays:  Stack and show off products with a printed pallet floor display, customized to fit your brand, it is with pallet and easy to move in the stores

3)  Floor bin displays:   Floor bins displays, whether in a classic shape or a dynamic hexagon configuration, save floor space and effectively display many products. Custom printing floor display can advertise the product, while  the bin easily holds a large number of items at POS locations.

4)  Endcap floor displays: Usually placed in high-traffic areas of a store, you can easily pre-pack and set up endcap displays to stand on the floor, helping your product stand out.



【7】How To Develop Cardboard Floor Display (FSDU) Prototype?

   1) Design Floor Display (FSDU) Structure
We work in close contact with our clients to understand their needs. We put our knowledge at their service to be able to create functional and charming products together. Through our service of digital prototyping we can define shape and design of the products before making the actual prototype. That way we can evaluate more options in a short time with low costs.

Floor Display Prototype1Floor Display Prototype

   2) Cutting Floor Display(FSDU) With The Fixed Structure
The cutting is a fundamental process in the creation of our products. To offer our clients the most advantageous price, keeping the quality at the maximum, we can choose between die-cut (with punches) and digital cut (with plotters), with which we can do creases and various types of folds. We can cut up to 300×170 cm polypropylene sheets (118×67 in), up to 10 mm of width (0.4 in).

floor display sample cutting

   3) Digital Printing After We Test the Floor Display (FSDU) Mock Up Sample
With digital print on adhesive film we can customize sample without resorting to the making of silkscreen films and cliches: that way we can offer customized and high quality prints at an advantageous price, without a minimum quantity prerequisite.

   4) Customer Care 
We guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients through our post sales service and our technicians are at your disposal for any questions regarding the assembly or issues with our products.

【8】What Are The Benefits of Cardboard Floor Displays?

From floor display stands and hanging signage to countertop structures, there are a myriad of ways to display your retail products. How can a custom cardboard floor display help you increase sales and draw in customers? Floor merchandisers offer several unique benefits:

   1) Cardboard Floor Display Are Sturdy and Reliable 
Because of their size, well-made floor structures tend to be sturdy and long-lasting. Retail floor displays from Holidaypac typically feature a thick and recyclable corrugated cardboard that stands upright without flopping or sagging. A strong yet easy to open frame keeps your floor display looking fresh and professional for as long as you need.

   2) Cardboard Floor Display Are Easy to Move
Cardboard floor displays are lightweight and portable, allowing you to place them wherever you need. You can choose to strategically put floor merchandisers near store entrances, checkout aisles or specific sections.

   3) Cardboard Floor Display Are Eye-Level Focus
One undeniable benefit of cardboard floor displays is their height. It's difficult to miss a retail floor display stand at eye level, so customers will likely see your advertised products. This is particularly beneficial when floor displays are placed near the point of purchase. As customers wait in line, they're drawn to notice and consider your featured products, increasing your likelihood of a sale.

   4) Cardboard Floor Display Are Cost-Effective
Creative Displays Now offers affordable options for custom cardboard floor displays. Their cost-effective nature makes them easy to update and replace while sticking to a budget. This means you can swap out floor displays to reflect the current season, latest campaign or newest product, all while showing potential customers a fresh look.



1. Q: Are You a Factory?
A: Yes, we are a food grade printing factory located in both Shenzhen and Xiamen. First we are a cardboard floor displays(Fsdu) and paper box factory.From 2021, we reorganized our factory in Food grade box workshop for air fryer liners,parchment paper liners,pastry box etc.
2. Q: What is Your Main Products?
A: Our main products are floor displays, fsdus,packaging boxes, food boxes, air fryer liner, parchment paper liners, disposable pastry boxes
3. Q: Could You Please Help to Design The Structure ?
    A: Yes, we can help the customer to design the floor display (FSDU) shape, fsdu structure and  function.
4. Q: Do you design the printing artworks?
    A: Normally we will send the client the floor dispolay (fsdu) structure die line and customer design the printing artworks.
5. Q: What is the main material for the cosmetic box?
    A: Usally we will use 100% natural material for all the floor displays(fsdu), SBS(Solid bleached sulfate), (solid unbleached sulfate, CCNB: Clay Coated News-back), CCKB(clay coated Kraft-backed), flute corrugated etc.
6. Q: What is The Main Surface Treatment?
    A: Normally the floor display (fsdu)  will be surface treated as glossy lamination, matte lamination, UV, spot UV,Varnish, embassy.
7. Q: What is Your Order Process?
    A: Our profession design team will communicate with client about the requirements as size, material, printing,surface treatment, and function, Then floor display designer will design the structure for client to put the artworks
8.Q: What is The Sample Lead Time&Bulk Lead Time?

   A: 3 days for sample and 10-15days for the bulk production
9. Q: Is There Any Sample Charge?
A: Normally we will need to charge the sample cost for floor display (FSDU) design and sampling, air fryer liner is free and also the box
10.Q: What is The Payment Term?
A: 30% deposit and balance 70% payable before shipment.


Create Your Custom Floor Display (FSDU) Today
Holidaypac is ready to fulfill your custom floor display needs. With almost 15 years of experience and a team of expert structural designers, we can help you create unique and effective retail floor display stands. Contact us to learn more or give us a call at +86 18124670856 or tiger@holidaypac.com  and get your project underway. If you have any questions about budgeting for a custom project, get a free estimate from our experts today.


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