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What Service We Provide

We offers an one-stop shop for all your promotional cardboard display from our warehouse then to your target market! 

Custom Cardboard Display Design

How Our Design Team Service For You

    First:  Ideal concept with listed product content into cardboard displays, we communicated with our clients about what to display and how to display,  Our professionals will work with you to come up with the best plan for your needs and budgets. 

    Second:  3D concept over view of cardboard display with times inside to show the full ideal, then confirm with our client it is approval way. 

    Third:  Our skillfull designer using a exclusive structural technology, with design tools make it easy to create the perfect displays with innovative structures.

    Forth:  Make the the conceptual drawing to really, engineering prototypes to make sure the structure safe, assemble and pack costively. 

    Fifth: Our fulfillment center provided the following services: Display Assembly, Pack-out Of The Display, Packaging For Shipment, Labeling For Distribution.


Holiday strives to be a partner in supply chain not only a supplier, But also the communicator that connects your product and the consumer with our cardboard display stand

  • Equipment

    Advanced equipment can assure high quality and attractive cardboard displays.

  • Design

    Elite and experienced design team can create stable and costive cardboard floor display structures to match your target market.

  • Team

    Young and enthusiastic sales team 24 hours on line servie for you! They provide best solutions for your brand promotion with our POP up displays.

  • Graphic

    Our graphic designer will make the eyes-catching and promotional graphice onto the cardboard displays and PDQ/counter displays.

  • Production

    Skillful workers can make qualified cardboard display stands, and also shorten the delivery time.

  • After-service

    Perfect and timely responce will increase the after-sales service level .You don't worry about anything about the cardboard display racks.


How the clients feedback to our company

Bob Bishope

"The two sample boxes arrived today! They look fantastic and I am very happy with them. I will have them at my trade show next week, and when I get back we can discuss the production order. Please send me the quotes for the various volumes once you have the shipping information. Thank you to you and your team for all of the good work on the samples."

Dominique Phinn

"No problem Loman, Hope to work with you again (it means my business grow up). By the way was really nice deal with you. You are very good and you are able to answer at any needs the customer request you. I’m very surprise and happy about that. Basically if I had to give a feedback, yours would be very very good!"

Tore Christopher Steen

“I think the Holiday cardboard displays are great! Everything from order to completion was very easy and straight forward. I will make sure to share your contact information with my team for any of their projects along with a recommendation of a great experience!”

Barry Carnigey

“Thank you so much for the corrugated display samples – they both look fantastic! You guys did a great job and I look forward to working with you in the future”

Shawn Garfield

“Your team did a wonderful job helping us with this project… We are very pleased with your customer service and the finished product. Actually, I also know you will get extra display and packaging business out of this.”

You should talk to holiday when you need the display solutions