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  •  Air Fryer Steamer Liners Perforated Wood Pulp Papers
  •  Air Fryer Steamer Liners Perforated Wood Pulp Papers
  •  Air Fryer Steamer Liners Perforated Wood Pulp Papers
  •  Air Fryer Steamer Liners Perforated Wood Pulp Papers
  •  Air Fryer Steamer Liners Perforated Wood Pulp Papers

Air Fryer Steamer Liners Perforated Wood Pulp Papers

  • Color :

    white/ wood
  • Shape :

  • Size :

    Various options
  • Material :

    wood pulp paper with double side silicone coating.
  • Heat resistance :

    230°C-20 min (446°F)
  • Certificate :

    Food grade
  • Application :

    Air fryer, microwave oven, steamer, stove, Wrapping, Freezing, Packing
  • Package Contents :

  • :

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PARCHMENT PAPER SHEETS perfects forair fryers,metal steamers or ovens & microwaves.

Sometimes can be used only with a little cut.


air fryer liners

Suitable for a variety of pots

Air Fryer Steamer Liners

How to choose with or without holes?
When choosing the size, first measure the diameter of the pot, it is recommended that the size of the

paper is about 1-2CM smaller than that of the pot Choose according to your needs!

1. Perforated backing paper
The oil stains from the fried convenience food can flow out smoothly, and the fried food is not greasy.

It is recommended that crispy food such as baked French fries can choose perforated paper.


2. Non-porous backing paper
After frying the food, it is easier to isolate the oil stains and clean the oil stains.

It is recommended to bake cakes and meat foods with perforated paperair fryer liners

HEALTHY AND TASTY - Non-toxic, non-stick and strong. Made of 100% food grade pulp.

No fluorescent agent, and eco-friendly wax used. Keep your breads, dumplings, buns,

dim sum integrity and nice look, and no effect on the taste of the food. Cook saver!

air fryer liners

HEAT RESISTANT - Waterproof, grease proofing and heat resistant up to 450℉ (230℃)

will make your parchment liners with perfect thickness intact during cooking.

air fryer liners

Various styles and sizes

Square round wood color white perforated non-porous paper

Diameter: 15cm/16cm/17cm/18cm/19cm/20cm/21cm/22cm/23cm/24cm/25cm

air fryer liners

EASY TO CLEAN - The round steam papers keep your steamers and air fryers free

from food residue, make clean up a breeze. It is an indispensable part of air fryer accessories for you!air fryer liners

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